Sunday, September 8, 2013

There is Just Something About Fall! Am I Right?

There is something about fall.  For me it is about new beginnings.  It always has been. 

Perhaps it is tied to going back to school each year. I was one of those kids that loved going back to school.  The new books, clothes and supplies were exciting to me.  Seeing people I hadn't see for months was thrilling.  This experience was so profound for me that I have continued to "go back to school" over and over.  While I might stray for a year or two, I can't stay away.  Hence my decision to pursue my PhD.

Maybe it is because I was born in the fall.  You can't get more of a new beginning than a birth or a birthday.  As you get older, your birthday becomes more about reflection than anything else.

Then again, it is also harvest time.  I grew up in a family that loved to garden.  We had a huge garden where we grew everything from beans to carrots to corn.  Now, I have my own assortment of gardens, including my own vegetable garden.  While it is sad to cut everything down and prepare for the next season, it is also exciting to harvest your own vegetables.  It is exciting to think about what really worked that summer and what you want to improve upon.  I barely get my garden put to bed for the winter and I am already sketching out new ideas and making plans.  I drive my husband crazy with this.

The other part of fall that I absolutely love is Thanks Giving.  Also a big part of the harvest is of course using all those great fruits of your labour to make a great meal.  Then of course Thanks Giving gives way to Christmas.  To me both of these holidays are about family and friends.  

So, I say bring on fall.  Bring on fall with all her splendour, colour and change.  After all, nothing stays the same and nothing says change more than fall.

What is your favourite memory, tradition or part of fall?

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