Friday, August 23, 2013

Think and Drink Local: A Review of Motts Landing Wine

As I get older I think more about what great things we have right here at home and in this case, I say "think local and drink local" after tasting the wines from Motts Landing.

While on our "staycation" we visited Motts Landing for a tasting.  We tasted five wines in total and here is what we thought:

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1.  Frontenac Reserve -  This $17 bottle of wine is smooth and full bodied and full of flavour.  It is fantastic with lamb.  Yes, we bought a bottle and yes, we will buy more.

2.  Frontenac - For $15 a bottle, this would also be a good buy.  It was also very pleasing to the palette and while we didn't buy this time, I would buy it in the future.

3.  Prairie Star - This was a nice light wine and for $17 a bottle it is a good buy.  Would be great for a hot day.

4.  Frontenac Gris - This $16 a bottle of wine was surprisingly my favourite.  I usually gravitate to the drier wines, but this one being a little sweeter was really, really nice.  We bought two bottles of this one so that tells you it was my fav!

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5.  Wild Rose - If you like rose wines, this $15 bottle will likely please.  We are not big fans of rose wines so this was a miss for us.  In fact, I have to be fair and state this as a bias and would recommend that people try this wine for their own assessment.  After all, we enjoyed all the other wines that we tasted.

In addition to the tasting, the location is beautiful.  It is a must visit in my opinion.  The only caveat is to drive there via the Jemseg route.  Don't go via the Cambridge Narrows route, unless you want to tear the bottom of your car out.  The road is in desperate repair and despite many appeals from many people, the call to fix that road seems to be missed.  

Over and above the wines we tasted, we also bought a bottle of the Cranpagne.  Can't wait to try that out.  I am expecting great things based on what I have tasted thus far.

So, as I think more about buying local and supporting local businesses, artisans and craftspeople, I can see that Motts Landing wines will be on the list for gift giving this Christmas.

I want to thank Sonia for making us feel very welcome and telling us all about the wines and the history of the vineyard!  I wish that they had a social media presence, but do not. In fact, my only suggestion for improvement for them is be on social, or at least remove the Facebook and Twitter icons from their website.  The icons actually take you to someone else's social channels, which is just bizarre.  

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