Sunday, January 27, 2013

Garden Style - Part 1

Determining Your Gardening Style – Part 1

Are you new to gardening?  Are you wondering where you start?  Should you go big or start small?  If you have these questions, then you have come to the right place.  Determining your gardening style will help you start out on the right foot!  So, grab your favourite cup of Joe and let’s figure our your gardening style.

First let’s define a few styles.  As a qualifying statement, these are styles that I have defined.  I am sure that other gardeners have their own definitions and there could even be formal more official definitions out there:

The Romantic Gardner is someone who absolutely loves the idea of gardening – the roses that you pick each morning, the basket full of vegetables that makes the perfect photo for Instagram – but may not realize the planning and work that is required to make the bounty occur.  The Romantic would prefer not to be tied down to daily gardening tasks. 

The Busy Gardner is someone who wants to have a garden that is easy to access, easy to maintain and produces quick results.

A potted Geranium from my deck (2011) makes a great splash of colour.  

The Novice Gardner is someone who gets the amount of work required, but sometimes takes on an over-ambitious project when first starting and may not know all the information needed for their particular garden needs.

The Intermediate Gardner has been gardening for several years and takes it upon herself/himself to ensure continuous learning through experimentation, research and knowledge sharing with other gardeners.  This Gardner may have a small terrace garden and/or a large in-ground garden plot. 

"The Expert Gardner has been gardening for years, has significant experience and knowledge about his or her garden, including soil type, light exposure, hardiness zone, plant types and has experimented not only with plant choices, but locations too.  The Expert Gardner enjoys sharing his or her knowledge with others and takes pride in being able to guide newer Gardeners in their pursuit of knowledge."
May 2012 My veggie garden just after hand-tilling, adding compost, fertilizer and planting seeds. Still weeks away from the bounty.  

So, which style do you think you are?  My next post will ask the questions that will help you determine your garden style.  Let’s see if they align! 

From there we will start focusing on the specifics of preparing your garden.  So stay tuned.  

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