Monday, December 31, 2012

Planning Your Garden

Yes! It is Time to Plan Your Garden

I know. I know.  I know that you are thinking that I am crazy to be thinking about my garden on December 31st.  Some would say that I should be planning or preparing for New Year's Eve and the bash that ensues.  Ya, been there done that..and it was fun.  These days I think about other things...more long-term stuff.

Instead, this morning I drooled over my garden photos from this past summer and looked at garden magazines. Oh and yes, prepared for guests coming this afternoon for holiday cheer and lovely munchables...but I digress...

The real story here is I AM planning my gardens and you should be thinking of it too.  Never mind that this last snow storm has completely covered my "raised" vegetable garden.  There is still evidence that there is "something" beneath the white blanket though, and that always gives me a warm feeling for garden planning.

So, come the end of December or early January my mind does drift to the warm and hot summer days when daylight is long and all the sounds of summer are both intoxicating and relaxing all at the same time.  So, a planner at heart and through education and experience, I do what comes naturally.  I plan my garden.  This is a first draft, but probably a good one that I will likely stick with.

In addition to the raised bed, I also am an avid container gardener.  I learned years ago that in order to have lettuce and peppers, I couldn't put them in the garden.  They were just too tempting to the various types of squirrels that I have.  Container gardening has been the way to go.  

So, are you planning to garden this summer?  If so, what will you plant?  Will you stick to containers or plant in the ground?  Or, will you do a combo like me?

Let me know your plans.


  1. Like you, I'm a fan of raised beds. I have four. Each are 4X8 and are filled with a combination of soil and compost. Along with them, I usually plant a variety of tomatoes in containers and place them on my deck.

    In my garden, I plant the usual ho-hum stuff. I get a little more adventurous this year - we shall see.

    Before we know it, vesey catalogues will be here!

    1. I hope to add another this summer.

      My big challenge though are onions. I swear that this year my onions will actually grow. The darn things just don't grow. They just stay the same size.

      Do you grow onions? If so, any hints?